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Reviews by erana

26 Oct 2022
Waay too short (exactly ONE scene) to be called INTERACTIVE fiction

Review for Summer Camp
24 Sep 2022
We're not here for fiction - we're here for INTERACTIVE fiction. Thus, dear writters and authors, your works here are to be rated not just based on you rliterary skills, but also based upon the interactivity of your work.

And this is hardly interactive. Railroad story with no choices - a couple of fake choices, which barely cause small differences for the text you'll see in the very next page and have no further effect whatsoever, with everything else being exactly the same.

Not even good writting can raise that kind of piss-poor "interactive" work past a 2. The admitedly good quality of the text is barely enough to avoid an 1 rating.

23 Sep 2022
about one choice per girl, poor grammar, disappointing

25 Apr 2022
...this is a joke entry, right?
What do you mean, "it isn't"?
...OK, OK, so let me get this straight. You have three choices before ending, two of those are instadeath/follow and other is instadeath/end, and none of them has any clue whatsoever to tell them apart - and this is not marked as WIP nor as joke?
so, can I get negative ratings? No? Well, then a "1" will do.

16 Dec 2021
Really can not give you a review of what lies behind the intro, but I can give you a review of the intro: it was so grating that erased from existence any desire whatsoever I could have of playing this game. If you are willing to take the rish of checking if the intro is not representative of the game, be my guest. But as a writter, I must say that the job of an intro is to catch your atention, not to give you no desire at all to continue. If the author failed his job at the intro so blatantly, what guarantee do I have that he didn't similarly fail his job at other parts of the game?

Review for Galatea
01 Dec 2020
Most boring, most pretentious, and most railroaded piece of... fiction I've ever seen. And before someone brags about the reportedly 70 endings, defending that this is not railroaded, hint: just try to do something that would be BLATANTLY OBVIOUS (like, moving around the corner to check who is laughing, or moving around the statue to see its face you are told you can't see from where you stand) and see if the game lets you. Naaaah. You are railroaded into doing what the author feels interesting: exchanging pretentious banter with a piece of hamparte.