Reviews by AlexN94

11 Dec 2010
Hey... I've forgot how to kill the bear... Can you give a hint... I have allready used the fire extinguisher on both claws, but when I try to raise the lever, the bear is standing on the fork...

Review for The Maze
30 Nov 2009
I don't like mazes very much, but this one is allright... In the town I'm living in, we also have a maze. It's smaller than the maze in the game... It's a good game

Review for Barbarian
25 Nov 2009
As your other two games, this is a fantastic game, and I'll givet 5 out of 5 stars...


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Review for Wizard
11 Nov 2009
I'm not finish, but I'll rate it now... A thing, wich is very nice, is the spell 'Bremoval' and 'Badder', I love them... An other thing is the spell menu, it's very ... hmm, good, how do you make it?
I love your games, both the story and the describtions, it's fantastic! I'll give it 5 out of 5 stars, and hope you'll make a new, great game...

Review for Shipwrecked
17 Oct 2009
I think that it's a very good game so far, so I'll give it 5 outof 5.