This game is the first of my trilogy :) It is about a guy that drinks a strange juice and wakes up in his fantasy full of horrors and strange things. You must get out of the building and start searching for answers.
This game I have created when I was playing The curse of monkey island 3. It is about finding a map nad getting the big gem so you can rescue your girlfriend from being a solid gold statue. It almost doesn't have anything that goes near the original game, but it is fun :)
You are a bandit who gets into the house of a nice family so you can rob their bling-bling, jewels and stuff like this, but they lock you in the house and now you must find the strangest way to get out...

Reviews by George

05 Jul 2008
This game rocks!! There are no bugs just that I can't get out of the Hallucination forest!!! I rate it 5 stars :)