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Review for The Mansion II
18 Sep 2012
It seems to me like I am close to getting out of the second floor at least. I put the charged battery back in the crane...now what? I have solved most, or all, of the riddles on the second floor regarding potions. I have the bike key, corporation evidence on DVD. I got past the dog, that is now in love with me...I have not found any motorbike yet, nor any way out of the house?!? I assume that I have solved all previous puzzles on the first floor. So what am I missing? I still have no clue what to do with this damn crane. I am playing this game on a friends I-phone. So no way to save. I just keep restarting every time I make another go at it. Needless to say I could play this game now in the dark. Any help on getting out of the house, or the crane, would be most helpful...thanks, Michael~