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Reviews by etching

13 Feb 2011
So the magic word is "KNOCK" not "KNOCK ON DOOR" :(
So are the following items all red herrings in the game?
a flower girl dress, jewelry box, needle, yarn, a sweater, foil, markers, tape, cheese, Atari, a skirt, action figures, cigar.
Rather disappointing that the game ended once I entered the party :(

24 Jul 2010
Fun game, got stumped with the soap and opening the drawer.

Review for As Darkness Falls
07 Oct 2008
Finished it...This was a fun game. One problem --- The "examine (x)" command
isn't listed on the HELP screen. Without this info, I couldn't get past the
dog at the beginning of the game. I almost quit playing until I stumbled across
the "examine" command on the forum...Can't "search" be used as a synonym
for "examine"? I've seen "search" used in other games...