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08 Feb 2011
Ok the plot was good and it was well written but absolutely zero interaction with the environment. I did like the examinable objects not appearing in the quick box making you read the room descriptions more but it's so straightforward.

03 Jan 2011
Enjoyed it, love the humour and just challenging enough. Look forward to playing the other 2 in the series

03 Jan 2011
Top game got to admit was stuck on the cat-gut for ages and had a cheating nose at the comments here. Was really challenging and as one of the other comments said its really rewarding when you work something out and it opens up loads of the game. Looking forward to trying your other games.

Review for As Darkness Falls
02 Jan 2011
Awesome game haven't quite finished it take it i am missing a wine bottle to make the molatov cocktail?? mystery man its open or lift trapdoor tried for ages to get into it but you have to use the rope with the bars(come up when you examine window)