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I'm not sure what I was expecting this but there were many points that made me laugh our loud.
Especially when it starts to flood and one of the solutions is to "Invite swimming teachers from other countries to teach your citizens how to swim." Good fun.

Review for Mourn
27 May 2023
Let me explain why I'm giving this game a rating of 2.

I can't give it a 1 because the game, as it is presented here, actually works. I was able to progress from beginning to end without issue. Grammatically the game is great, MythicBlue not only is a great writer but he writes with a poetic flare that I enjoyed.

So then, why the low score? The subject matter is absolutely monstrous. Look I get the game is in the horror genre but you've essentially made a game where you kill children. *Spoilers* there's an actual scene in here where you get to murder babies in a crib using a power drill. Another scene where the player saws off a little girls head with a knife.

There are prompts through out the game where you have an option to stop what you're doing but you're often met with a stern "NO" indicating that the player may be suffering with various mental disturbances. I continued to play the game until the end because of a morbid curiosity of wanting to see how far the author would push this... the answer is very far.

This is a snuff game, a child murder simulator, nothing more. Give it a miss.

18 May 2023
Really enjoying this so far, I say so far because I found myself stopping in THEIA's Centre Square for longer than I should have so I could play the 'game' with Chione and Nikosi!
To be honest, I was going to give the game a 4/5 because I did get the odd error, such as when visiting Summer bordertown. If you try talking to Chione you get an syntax error. But the reason I give it a 5 is because by and large this game works, and the amount of effort put in to it is immense. I really like your imagination! your world building and story telling skills are exceptional. Being a sci-fi nerd I was sold from the beginning with the time travel element and the audio ambiance when visiting new areas. Great use of pictures too.
Side note - I really liked the idea of you taking away the command bar so the player solely uses the interface. I may adopt this approach with my next game!

Great work

Review for The cave
03 May 2023
I found the concept of this game intriguing - a writer seeking inspiration for a cave story who sets off to explore one. However, as soon as you enter the cave, several issues arise. But before delving into those, let me first highlight the game's positives.

I particularly enjoyed the ambient sound you included in the cave, which creates an atmospheric and mysterious environment. Additionally, the use of images in certain scenes is a nice touch. I appreciate that the game includes stakes in the form of potential player deaths.

Unfortunately, that's where the positives end. The game contains numerous grammatical errors, such as "The air starts to miss," "You see the door is lock," and "you shout the only bullet you got."

The second issue is that it becomes apparent that there isn't much of a game here. Once inside the cave, the author has created only a handful of paths to take, all of which lead to untimely deaths. Out of curiosity, I replayed the game a few times, intentionally exhausting all options, and was surprised to find that there is no successful route or correct action to take - and this was after only five minutes of playing.

In conclusion, the game offers little more than an illusion of choice with poor grammar. which is shame because I feel like you started off with a really strong concept.

17 Apr 2023
Not bad at all, being a fan of the TOS I really enjoyed this! The illustrations were great and you did a good job at capturing the essence of the show, especially with how the characters behaved and interacted.