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Reviews by Brian

27 Dec 2014
I don't get it

06 Feb 2010
Loved the game, but left flat in the end... pretty anti-climactic, but who am I to judge?. The fun-ness, if that's a word, outrules the ending. 4 stars for you! No soup for you, one year! Only for 5 stars! ;-)

27 Jan 2010
Pretty good game. Had several glitches for me. McNasty's socks, as said above. John's boots staying dirty, after I tried cleaning them several times. And something kept happening where I couldn't serve drinks. Could have been my browser though, because it was pretty jerky. But I did get the tux finally, today... Overall tho, great fun, kinda difficult at times (took me forever to figure out how to get all the lute parts!)

Review for As Darkness Falls 2
07 Dec 2009
Ha ha ha, that was a nail-biter at the end. I really enjoyed this game. I couldn't give it a 5, because it was a little squirrelly. It was duplicating inventory items & the end was very anti-climactic. Not sure if it was supposed to end this way, but mine just ended...

"> throw spear
With the demon caught and being sapped of its power, you remember the last instruction. Pierce the heart with stone.

You throw the spear aiming straight for the demons chest.

That was it. No congratulations. No follow-up. Maybe a glitch, who knows. Very enjoyable though! Kudos.