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Reviews by Athonas

24 Jan 2011
Hmm not perfect but surely a very good game...the ending was too faceless I think but gongratulations anyway :)

got 123/125 points... I guess I lost two points from not using the corncob?

Review for As Darkness Falls 2
10 Jan 2011
forgot to vote

Review for As Darkness Falls
06 Jan 2011
A really great work..pretty similar to resident evil 1 :)

Review for The Mansion II
02 Jan 2011
A really good game but I think I hit an error right now and I can't proceed anymore...I dropped the flying duck in the room from where I took it (the room with the other flying ducks) and I can't take it back...Althought it says that I am picking it up I am not...and I think I can't do there any way to fix this problem? I put a lot of effort to come to this point and unfortunately I don't have any previous location saves...