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Reviews by gary

01 Aug 2010
I can't figure out the string. I've got the ladder,three clues, instructions,map, manual, corncob, can, corkscrew, glass of water, roll and tissue,but can't seem to climb the ladder to the string. I know how to make a compass and the oars are in the boat. Any help would be gratefully received.

Review for As Darkness Falls
30 Jul 2010
Forget it, solved

Review for The Mansion
26 Jul 2010
A great game! But now I'm stuck. I have the maps, the flute, shotgun, letter, bottle, post-it note, glasses, both books (science and gunpowder), video tape (watched), cloth, limescale remover, gunpowder, key handle and red herring. I have access to:
Ground floor:
Reading room, Library, Bathroom, West corridor, West hall, Art Store, Art gallery, Music room, Entrance hall, Dining hall, Kitchen, Pantry, Drawing room
Second floor:
Spare room, 002 and bathroom, 001 and bathroom, Entrance hall landing, 003 and bathroom.
I've collected everything from these rooms and used it to gain access to others, but now I'm totally stuck (Oh, I've been up the ladder, too and used the keypad). HELP!!!!