Reviews by shayster

24 Dec 2014
that is a good demo i like how to try to make it where the player will get both the sword and book and i did even knowing that there was an end demo option can't wait for the full game

Review for the Dead among us
24 Dec 2014
it was good and the different options give the story more reasons to replay (like i did with even the demo) so you can see all the endings keep up the good work

24 Dec 2014
it was good but needs a little more work keep up the good work though

20 Dec 2014
not to be mean but when you make an text adventure you have to make your own story the story dosent make its self

Review for The Walking Dead
07 Sep 2014
This was brilliant I would love to see this continue but I've heard he's cancelled it I would have loved him to continue it all in all this should be carried on