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Reviews by Hannah1

Review for Barbarian
04 May 2011
Great game.
There was a bit of a glitch when I was in the market - the game froze up and there was heaps and heaps of stuff in there.
The game also took forever to load (about 5 mins) - I had the same problem playing wizard but at least in this game you didn't really die just lost points.
Looking forward to your future games (esp wizard 2)

Review for The Mansion II
03 May 2011
Great game. Just wondering though I read up in the comments that there are different endings. Just wondering what these were. I got the yay you left the island with the DVD ending and I'm guessing there is a you left the island without the DVD ending. But is there one where you have to use the 70 odd bullets you have left? Just thinking it would be cool if you got to shoot everyone that was responsible for killing your uncle.