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S'good, s'good.

17 Apr 2017
As usual, Victorian Detective never fails to get you thinking.

Review for 1950's crime story
05 Mar 2015
It could honestly use a lot of work. Firstly, much of the scenery is left undescribed, and the writer relies on screenshots from L.A. Noire to get his setting across. Secondly, The game is incredibly short, and can be solved with only a few clicks. Thirdly, there was no actual evidence to suggest that the killer is actually the killer; the man at the corner store said the cigars were a bestseller, meaning the fact the man also bought a box is highly circumstantial. Fourthly, the writer gives us a meaningless track record which has no purpose in the game whatsoever. Fifthly, the most uneventful action sequence occurs at the end of this game. This text adventure is of low quality and needs work before it can be an acceptable playing experience.

Review for Murder on the Hill
02 Mar 2015
An engaging mystery, though a map function would do much good to help navigate early in the game.