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Review for The Mansion II
09 Jun 2008
This is an excellent game. A lot of work must have gone into it. The different combinations of the potions provides a plethora of options!

As ever in these games, it pays to use/examine everything and use anything on everything if you ever get stuck!

Well done, Nick! Look forward to seeing more of your work...


<<~ Sonyc ~>>

Review for The Mansion
04 Jun 2008
Excellent game! My first from this site and it brought back many happy memories of previous dabbles into this genre of game. I find my imagination can be way better than any graphics! ;)

Liked the puzzles... A couple of small glitches, but hey!

For those that are still stuck on this, I would give two hints:

1. "Look at" and "Examine" everything... And I mean *everything*!

2. You may find some "useless" things...

Otherwise, enjoy!


<<~ Sonyc ~>>