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Review for Breaker
27 Dec 2002
Don't rate your own game, Jim. I myself played it for a second before realizing what a waste of time it was.

27 Dec 2002
Well personally Jim I think you're wrong because it is the best game I have ever played on this site... a lot better than a few of you're games (a hem cough cough).

Anyhoo, it is great gameplay and I agree that the music adds alot to it. There is great character development and the help file is tremendously useful. Just try it and you'll see.

Review for Spectrum
16 Dec 2002
It was a fun game to play with grea tdescriptions and lots of rooms. Reccommended by me.

Review for The Legend of Cyrn
13 Dec 2002
Heeheeheeheeheehehehehehehehehesnorthehehehehehehehehe it was great and great and stuff with fish HI where are you