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Review for Eff O'Clock
25 Oct 2012
But I got dressed... well written, but if all you do is leave your flat it's a bit pointless.

Review for Mysts Demo
24 Oct 2012
Interesting, I can't give it a higher rating because it is such a short demo, also it needs proof reading. But I am intrigued.

24 Oct 2012
Navigation is very awkward. To use something you have to take it? And I am trapped in the garage...

24 Oct 2012
It is good, I did not have the same problems with getting out the forest as everyone else. However it is very buggy, if you enter the forest, leave, save the game and come back to play later you no longer are immune. I've had to drink the potion at least three times, one after having cured the illness. The cousin reverts back to ill health after being cured. The gatehouse does not open after you are cured the disease. The second whisp before the den can't be attacked. Apart from these issues the game would warrant a four.

Review for Kingdom
19 Oct 2012
This is nearly a good game, however none of the commands apart from asking for funds actually works. Money vanishes from the treasury without warning, some sort of turn button would be good. By the time you have typed a command (which never works) the village leaders have come back. Fix all this and would be worthy of a four because it is a neat idea.

Review for The Mages Of Adalmo
18 Oct 2012
The game really enticed me, but just as I was getting really interested it suddenly ended. My sole complaint is the length of the game. Please extend it so I can give it the rating it would deserve.