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Review for Enterprise
21 Feb 2005
What at first I thought was going to be an interesting game with a solid idea, turned out to be more of an unorganized mess of unfinished ideas that were calling out for a polishing. The game starts off with the questions of gender as well as class, giving you a feeling of a good start- however, you quickly realize that the thoughts put into this game, although of good regard, were executed in a rather messy manner.

As others have said, the spelling and grammar is very poor at various parts of the game- from object descriptions to character descriptions, to simply telling you what room you are in. Although a bit of bad grammar/spelling is easily ignored, this was impossible to just 'let go.'

But spelling is not where this game receives two 'blips.' It is the game's unorganized style and sloppy execution at times that keeps it from being a very good game (because you can see some great intents here). Although it shows promise, the game lacks- it's as if someone wrote a bunch of papers of clever ideas, but then at the end just threw them altogether in a folder and presented them to someone, expecting them to be able to organize it and immediatley make sense of it. Not very likely.

Maneuver is rather difficult and strange, and plot seems thin (or even lacking). For some reason you are on a space ship with the ability to kill any member of your crew (for no apparent reason) and then by pushing a button on accident that causes self destruction, sending you to a strange planet. Again, it reveals the major part where the game lacks, organization.

Giving this game 1 blip however is unecessarily cruel, because effort and good intents are obvious here- however, looking at the sloppy state it is currently in, more than 2 blips would be unreasonable.

2 OUT OF 5

Auron Dimitri (aka Auron Gray)