Reviews by Jordan-Tanker

15 Apr 2015
Hey, dude. Took your advice and played the game. Didn't get all the way thru. I'm still not good at TA's, but from what I saw, I loved it. 5 star. And, thanks again for the feedback.


09 Apr 2015
Epic. I love it. This is the kind of story that would bring anyone to tears. It was sad, but still awesome.

Review for Welcome to My Hell
09 Apr 2015
AWESOME!!! 5 STAR!!!!!

Review for How to pass a class
09 Apr 2015
Love it. Realistic, yet short and simple. 5 star.

Review for Survivor
09 Feb 2015
Heck,yes I want a part 2. I love these simple games that are actually enthralling. Keep up the great work. 5-stars.

Review for The Question
05 Feb 2015
Awesome story. I like how you didn't tell what "The Question" was, but I am curious. What was it? If it was so bad as to cause the manager to - well, I don't want to give off any spoilers. But, yeah. What was "The Question"?

Review for Unworded
23 Jan 2015
Awesome game. A few grammatical mistakes (not that I have any room to talk), but I really like it. Keep up the good work!