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Review for Worship the Pig
03 Jan 2014
Great, especially liked the eyes that blink back and the resultant ocean landscape.

However, not really a game and very short. Fair play, though it's really captivating, reminds me of a childrens fairytale.

12 Aug 2013
It's funny bizaare writing in some strange pseudo Japanese Manga style. Is too good.

Hopefully it's not insulting to Japanese people but I thought it was a funny take on the Manga genre.

In fairness, there's plenty of actual Japanese literature from Murakami, Mishima to even more Manga oriented Hideyuki Kikuchi, none of which speak the faux manga nonsense. However, that's not to say it doesn't exist, e.g. "then make draw on face", and this was a pretty good pastiche of that silliness.

Very short though.