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Review for The Mansion
28 Aug 2011
This game is really fantastic. I've started it a couple times over the last few years but this is the first time I've ever been devoted to finishing it. I can be pretty slow & I haven't gotten that far but I seem to be stuck...

I have access to: (first floor) entrance hall, art gallery, music room, art store, west hall, west corridor, bathroom, dining hall, kitchen, pantry (second floor) entrance hall landing, spare room, attic, office. that seems to be it.

The items I currently have are: map, flute, bottle, post-it, shield, key handle, red herring. I already plugged the VCR into the socket.

Help? I really love this game and want to move forward!

Oh, and does anyone know if a) theres a walkthrough somewhere on the internet and b) if there is a mac version of quest? it sucks to keep starting over everytime my internet goes out or I have to close my laptop. But if there isn't... it's worth it. :D