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Reviews by Enceladus

Review for One Girl
29 May 2017
I've gotten up to 6 points - the ropes, dildo, gag, blue/pink/leaflet, box, and amulet. And I'm stuck on the game of Guess the Verb to find the last 2 points.

The help says she may respond to some commands, but the only dialogue I can get to work is 'say sorry'. The leaflet says 'she is confident with you' and I suspect changing that is somehow the key, but nothing - NOTHING - I try works. I'm utterly out of ideas for the last 2.

Please help, my inner completionist is crying.

Review for No Mercy
22 Jul 2016
Oh my God. Where do I START?! De/termination isn't a clever pun, Sans should be capitalized, the sentence is a run on, you misspelled endlessly, wrong your/you're. And that's before I even go into the game! You stop capitalizing names entirely, there's nothing interactive, no descriptions with lazy-ass {lol bones} nonsense instead, nothing worth preserving. It's short, it's boring, this is Appalling.