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Review for The lost Balloon
09 Jun 2017
So far I am very entertained by this game. It makes you full of curiosity, and it makes me want to see more of this game! Very much like what's happening so far.

Don't get anything. There was no story, no romance, nothing. The game has really no purpose unless it's to make you mad and disappointed. I was wasting my time on nothing expecting something good to happen. (FYI:Not trying to offend you, if anything I hope you see it as a recommendation)

Review for doggos
24 May 2017
Can't wait for the full version. Don't like how short it is but it seems like a nice adventure.

Review for School?
13 May 2017
It was to short. Also, it was very confusing. That's all I can say, really.

Review for Taco Bell
13 May 2017
The game is just...Bad. Even if you're a beginner, but really? Just, one, it's not really a puzzle, two, it has no purpose. But, it is a text adventure. I remember disliking to have to create a text adventure. I got frustrated as soon as I saw what I was dealing with. So yeah, but still, going to have to give it one star.

Review for Camp Stabbiwaka
12 May 2017
It was great! I loved the story, and the characteristics and relationships were nice features. I thought it was too short though. That's why this review is too! Wish there was another game in this series.