Reviews by Siddone

Review for Path of Adventure
01 Jan 2019
I played already several time, of course I immedialey bought the full version because I like it very much. It's simple and funny, with interesting and tactical choices.
But it's not perfect, and I realized it after several plays.
The problem is that it gets quite repetitive after a few plays. It is randomized, but they are basically the same situations repeating in a different sequence, and with some random parts. And since every time you die you start over, it gets annoying. Even more annoying is realizing that Every time you die, you could resurrect ONLY whith a (cheap) in-app purchase. Even after having already paid almost 5€ to unlock the full game. It looks like a ”pay to win" touch that the game didn't need.
Anyway, great game, money well spent, I keep playing it!

18 Nov 2018
Very long and well written

Review for Choice Of Slaves.
18 Nov 2018
It's very brief, and non perfecty written, but it's very nice and enjoyable.