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Reviews by Nokhsa

Review for Giingus
31 Jul 2013
Oh my GOD! I literally haven't laughed that hard in over eight years!! I could have started on any page and my face would still become numb!

This is the best game I've played on this site. I wish more people looked at it!

Review for The Mold Cage
03 Jun 2013
I personally love comedic blandness and incoherence, and it was a little dark, too (I like dark humour).

I guess that not many people would either understand how you're trying to be funny or simply find that kind of thing funny (from my experience), but I really liked it!

It did seem like some stuff were accidental errors (like "a the surgery machine", although it would be funny to me if you consistently and deliberately made that error). By the way, "surgery machine" was probably my favorite object.

The game was weak to me, though. I love that style, but I would really like to see it played out more extremely!