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Reviews by redrocket2000

18 Aug 2022
A good shitpost game, but wish we could get random questions though

Review for The Forever Purge
01 Jul 2022
I don't see the relationship with Drake but okay :D

27 Jun 2022

Review for Stuck in a hole
25 Jun 2022
I think I practically saw all ends.

It reminded me of Depression Quest to be honest. Except Depression Quest had a few more options in general, but also was more boring and pointless, plus it resulted in the biggest video game drama ever (GamerGate as it's known as).

If I was to make a similar game, I would add more options, improve graphics a little bit and play short loops of music depending on the mood of the atmosphere, that would make the game much better than it is now.

On a more serious note, I hope you're okay psychologically. If you really think about yourself the way you wrote in the game, just know you're NEVER that bad of a person. Get some help, open this stuff to your close friends and parents, and just remember that YOU'RE NOT BAD.

I've faved this game by the end of this review.