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Review for Your World!
07 Mar 2018
no depth. i spent 3 hours clicking wait after i nuked the city and there was nary a radiation infused mouse escaping into the wild. thanks for wasting my time, "GJ". what kind of name is GJ anyways. are you 2016 presidential candidate "Gary Johnson"? If so, i rescind my vote for you, and give it to John Kasich. I thought you represented the true libertarian values this country needs right now, but the only freedom of choice you give me is to choose whether i nuke a city that has snow in it or one that is warm. in my IDEAL libertarian "your world", you could sell heroin to children, and then use the revenue you generated thanks to the LOW LOW taxes to BUY a recreational nuke. that would be a pretty EPIC game, but you decided to be like those COMMIE LIBERALS and give me like 8 choices. "your world"? more like "liberal hell".

Review for Leprosy
07 Mar 2018
can't get leprosy

07 Mar 2018
when i first happened across the tale of phil fisher, i was certainly ROTFLMAO'ing on the floor. The tale of Fisher and his infomercial vibrating spoon positively tickled my funny bone. but quickly it took a turn to be a story about 9/11, which was kind of weird. i kept getting the bad ending because i wanted to pull my daughter off the piece of rebar stuck through her chest. all in all, it was a cool story, although I was looking for more minecraft related content. good shit