Reviews by Anya

Review for clash
27 Mar 2008
i'm enjoying it so far.
but i got to the combat chamber.
and he told me 'now chop off the dummy's head with this sword'
and i tried every command that could meant that and it didn't do anything. i tried:
chop off dummy's head
chop off dummy's head with sword
de-capitate dummy
decapitate dummy
behead dummy
behead dummy
whack dummy
slash dummy
kill dummy
attack dummy
hit dummy
use sword
clash dummy
bash dummy
cut dummy
ruin dummy
destroy dummy
and more that i forgot...but if it's just that i'm not thinking of the right command.
then could u please tell me what the right command is?

22 Mar 2008
i would giv u fantastic if i only knew a way to get out.
like something easy like in the bathroom there is a window to outside and u hop out yay

Review for hotel
21 Mar 2008
i kept dieing faster and faster.
but it was funny and exciting :D