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Review for Her Pound of Flesh
29 Jul 2015
A very good short text game. It puts you in the shoes of a character that knows loss, but instead of embracing and letting go of his loss, he chooses to try and undo it. Along the way, he starts realizing his mistakes. Now, it could have been a bit longer, but it was kept short and sweet. I respect it for condensing it well instead of making it feel like too little content. However, i do wish a bit more time was given to sympathize with your character, and get to know about him more. A little character development. Because since that wasn't done, i feel like a blank slate of a character with the only description being I've lost a loved one. As a result, i didn't care too much about my character and instead focused on the narrative. Which, btw, would have been complimented nicely with some background on the man on the phone and the drug. But other than those, a great psychological game head-and-shoulders above most other text games on this site. I look forward to more from Liz England