Reviews by RedtagGamer

19 Nov 2018
Best God dam Game ever.
cant wait for more.

Review for The Normal Quiz
19 Nov 2018
Its a really great game. The questions are funny, and it was a time will spent , great job

08 Nov 2018
I really enjoyed this game, it was a great length, and great story. I would like you to make more games like this one. The choices were ones I would really make and do. Nice game.

07 Nov 2018
WhErE ArE AlL ThE MeMeS YoU PlEb.

Review for The $5 Fill-Up
07 Nov 2018
It was an ok game. Not saying it was the worst, but it was not the best. Your other one was better.

Review for 1d4chan
07 Nov 2018
This was a great experience for it being what it is. Keep making these types of games, because this one was amazing.
Great job.