Reviews by trollpro

You are in the apartment of a person whom you know only as Alex. Alex didn't strike you as a crazy person when you two met tonight, but then, crazy people never do, do they? After a few hours of getting to know each other - assuming anything either of you said was true - you felt comfortable enough to go to Alex's apartment for the rest of the evening. Whether alcohol played a role in that decision, who can say?

The apartment gives off an unnerving air of transience; it's as if this isn't a true living space, with its plain decor and inhuman tidiness. There isn't a trace of a flaw, a mistake, or even a passion. It might as well be a hotel room. It gives you goose bumps, and with that prickling feeling, you excuse yourself to Alex and head for the bathroom.

You enter and examine your surroundings. Well, you've found all the flaws. The decrepitness of this bathroom is in stark opposition to the rest of what you have seen in Alex's pristine apartment. As you take in the surprising change of aesthetic, there is a click in the door behind you.

You realize the bathroom door is shut, though you never shut it. Pulling does nothing. On the wall you spot a key code panel.

A chilling laugh comes from the other side of the door. "Soon," says Alex. You hear footsteps walking away.

Soon? What's 'soon'?

You probably shouldn't wait around to find out.