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Reviews by Carrot

Review for Shipwrecked
28 Jun 2013
I am not finished this game yet, but have played enough to be able to review it.

It is a very well thought out game for the most part, and I would have given it 5 stars.

However, there are 2 big issues I have with it.

The Jungle/Ruins Maze.

Considering that there are 3 rooms that need to be located in the maze, it is almost impossible to find them without the guide you posted earlier. I don't mind mazes per se, but there needs to be some clue in the room descriptions to allow you to attempt to map them. - This brought it down to 4 stars.

The second thing that really irked me was the monkey. This could have been better handled. I don't mind him stealing stuff, or knocking out of my hand (although annoying), what made me reduce the games overall score to 3 stars was the fact there was no take all function. To have to pick up several items 1 by 1, to have to pick them up again later very nearly put me off this game completely.

I was also slightly annoyed by the inventory limit, however I can understand a limit - it just I am amassing a huge pile of items on my ship and am fed up of traipsing back and forth to get the right bits, because I don't want to carry lots because of that damned monkey.

Otherwise, good game.

Review for The Mansion
13 Jun 2013
I have just completed this game (and survived). I found it very tricksy (which is good), but only gave it 4/5 due to the verb usage. It does not make sense to me that you have to look at stairs just to go up/down them. What is wrong with up and down.

Similarly, I have issues with the length of some of the item names in the game.

That said, it was fun.

The maps were useful, but in the end I had to create my own - so I could mark the rooms I had visited (and map the rooms that are not on the maps). This helped me to locate the locked door that I had overlooked, which allowed me to complete the game :D

I am loving this game. TA's hold a special place in my heart as they were some of the first games I played (on my Acorn Electron no less).

Well I am currently stuck.

So far I have rescued/fed Winnies Cat, unblocked her gas valve and found her honeycomb.

I don't know how to get at the glass cutter. I have read through this page and saw mention of bolt cutters, but have yet to find any.

I have white flowers but need red (and don't seem to be able to pick the red ones by Gnomeo).

And I am missing part of the puppet.

Oh, and I drank the soda!!! (was this a mistake).

So far I have to...
...get a dragon pass from the village hall to ride the dragon taxi
...find a way to mend Cyril's glasses
...get some red flowers for Gnomeo
...make a #### puppet with #### and ####!

Any hints here? (not looking for answers, just hints).

So far I have been to the Market Square (Caravan), Guild's Row (Blacksmith & Laundarette), narrow lane, Cottage (Outside and In), Haunted Grove, Garden Centre, Lover's Grove, Gravel Path and the Beach

And I am carrying A pair of Broken Spectacles, a small Bowl, a thick woollen Blanket, a Bucket, a pair of Bellows, a Gold Ring, some glass Shards, a rusty Saw, a Bouquet of flowers, an Empty Can and a Sticky Sock.