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Review for Galatea
16 Jun 2018
Perhaps my forever favorite IF in the world. Emily Short is a true genius of IF whose every work pushes the boundaries of the genre, and Galatea especially is an intriguing maze of conversations, careful listening, patience, and interpersonal engagement that feels deeply intimate and surprisingly intuitive. Whenever you think you've got this game figured out, you discover a path or order of actions you hadn't considered yet, and find yourself on a wildly different adventure that continues to spin a web of possibility. The game encourages exploration and creativity in your commands and your questions, reacting to a wild array of keywords and letting you approach subjects from many different angles; where other games have you guessing wildly for what will allow you to progress, Galatea is a one-room sandbox beyond simple description. Truly a must-play for anyone who enjoys IF, and for anyone who thinks text adventures sound boring and straightforward.