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Reviews by pofke

13 Jan 2011
Ah, Tim, again one of your great creations! As allways I need to give you a 5. Great game, well written (the footnotes were a nice touch, some really cracked me up), nice puzzles and boss system was also great fun.


24 Sep 2010
Overall I think the game is quite good. I did like the gameplay and the size of the world.

Some (constructive) comment:

- You introduced so many nice items with which to make nice puzzles but didn't use them.
- overall there might have been more puzzles, the game was a little too straightforward.

Great effort, I hope to see more from you guys,


06 Jan 2010
I think there are no descriptions whatsoever in this game which makes it impossible to comprehend what the goal is. I think you should have invested more time in making accurate descriptions so the player knows what he is doing.

04 Dec 2009
I think its another great game by CJ. I really enjoy all your games! Keep em coming!

I found one little glitch. If you return socks to mcnasty they are nor removed from your inventory. You can keep returning the socks end get as many cleaning points as you want.

Review for Barbarian
26 Nov 2009
Again a great game Tim.

Definitely worth a 5!

Review for Wizard
18 Nov 2009
Forgot to rate but definately 5 stars as far as I am concerned!

OK, got there now...

Only need to go looking for the trophies now...

Great game!

13 Oct 2009
I'm looking forward to the complete game. For now there are still a lot af errors in there.

For example when you keep talking to the 2nd instructor after killing the ennemies you keep gaining coin and xp...

02 Oct 2009
OK, got a lot further now. Did dog, Al,... I just cant return Edison's camera. He keeps insisting that I take the battery out.

But when I look at the camera it sais that the battery is NOT inside...

Do I need to take more photo's? Maybe a nice picture in the dress? ;)

Anyway, very nice game!!!

22 Sep 2009
For clue 1 you need to elzzup eht evlos on the indicated section and page. This will get you into the shed.