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Reviews by Chindu

Awesome game! The diary made me lol in class, hahah...and the commandments...actually that entire area made me laugh. I felt bad for the poor dragon! Having to carry me back and forth over and over again just because I forgot something in the village! Winnie scared the bejesus outta me; Thought I was gonna die! Great game, just like the rest of the series! Loved the multiple endings and trophies! Can't wait for Sir Loin 4!

Andrew: Don't know if you've figured it out already, but you can use the bucket on the concrete and not sure if there is a lid on the pot...?

02 Feb 2012
Awesome game! Couldn't figure out where the bird perch is, so only got 9 cleaning points, but AWESOME GAME!!! Keeps me awake during class hahah

Review for Shipwrecked
26 Sep 2011
Awesome game! Loved the tea bagging feature. And the monkey (although I liked the anteater a bit more). Five+ stars!

24 Sep 2011
AWESOME game! Loved the monster fights and puzzles (and the credits). The magnet and the keys stumped me for a whole day, but that's 'cuz I don't read well. Again, great game, five stars and more.

Review for As Darkness Falls
22 Sep 2011
Oh. OH. oh, Ahaha. Got it. Finished. Amazing game.