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Review for A wolf's life
15 Mar 2018
Good! But you should add more detail it is kind of confusing but I love how you can pick! Anyways it is kind of short and confusing. But kind of funny! I was really sad when it ended.. Please make more! And how will you get a mate? Your a pup?! XD ANYWAYS BYE I MUST PLAY MORE

Review for wolf story
15 Mar 2018
I didn't want to be rude but it's kind of bad. I wish you would start off on something and such but also the spelling and grammar is poor, I could not play it but, I bet you will improve so I have you 2 stars! Keep on going

Review for Wolves
15 Mar 2018
I love it! It is longer Han the last one but little detail. Please finish this! It's fun!!