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Review for Cradle
14 Feb 2013
This game is pretty cool. The idea is unique and I like the way the puzzles are implemented, even if they are a little simplistic. I got stuck on the last chapter (couldn't figure out what to give to the old man). Nice job overall.

Review for Lost Hearts
11 Feb 2013
It's an alright game. I liked the creepy feel of it. I'm curious to know whether there's another ending that doesn't result in you being killed. Also, fusing the skull with the heart didn't seem to do anything.

Review for The Mold Cage
11 Feb 2013
It was random and didn't make a whole lot of sense. Or any sense at all, really.

But, uh... congrats on making a game?

Review for Library
11 Feb 2013
An interesting little game :) I wish it had lasted longer, and I would have liked to know more about Lord Darlington and what I was doing in the library in the first place. I noticed a few spelling mistakes: "fillament" comes to mind. It should be "filament." But it was pretty fun. Keep up the good work!