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I think it's obvious that a lot of thought and time was put into this game. The gameplay is very different from most text adventures, and though there were some areas where I was really stuck, I always managed to solve the puzzles and figure out what to do in the end. The story is phenomenal and I have been completely absorbed in it all day. It can be very complicated and hard to put together, but I believe that's the idea (it's all about "remembering"). In my opinion you deserve a much higher rating for the work you've put into this, as it is very psychological and truly fascinating, and it is the kind of story that few can create. My only criticism is the ending (although there seems to be multiple). I got the Pink Princess ending, and I felt it was unredeeming and actually took away from the depth of the story. The mother shows very little guilt or understanding of the gravity of what she had done to her children (This is realistic for her character, however, because she is radically religious.) and it is frustrating to the player to see that she hasn't realized very much, after seemingly coming so far.

I will be playing through it again though, to see what other endings are in store! And I would to see more text adventures from you. (: