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Reviews by Sterconium

14 May 2018
I am a huge Harambe believer. Despite that, this game is pretty good.
It makes you enter the under-esteemated perspective of a captived animal, with a deep atmosphere of unknown and upcoming drama.
I really liked its style: put out the meme from its name and you can put it out of Comedy section.

Review for Funnysauros Raptor
07 May 2018
The story is quite fun. However, besides that it is comprehensibly short, it misses an important factor to an interactive story: interaction. There are only two binary choices: the wrong answer of the first one just makes you repeat the choice; the wrong one of the second one ends the story.
Also, it is written in a very bad english. At first I thought the writer couldn't just speak english properly, but keeping up with the story I thought it was intentional since dinosaurs are stupid, and this added homor to the narration. But in the ending the apologies of the writer makes clear it was the first case.
Nice first attempt, keep doing a good job!