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Reviews by Knownbody

25 Jan 2017
Although the story seemed cloudy in terms of pacing, and the occasional misspelling peered out every so often, jksause1's "The Days That Follow Chapter 1" encouraged its audience to continue reading and surprising them at every choice, including unique codes to accompany another unique game play in Chapter 2.

Review for Alone in the woods
11 Nov 2016
Ekename's "Alone in the woods" is a fun twist on the average belief of an afterlife, while taking one's faith to the test when you are pushed to abide (or disobey) mysterious notes that beckon you to follow them. Now, this is where I thought the game took a wrong turn. Upon taking a separate route, you are thrown further more into an abyss of confusion which can only be unraveled by playing all the endings, and even that doesn't settle it. There is also a brief mention of "The Gatekeeper", although (regardless of the chance to encounter her) Ekename expects the player to already know who she is (by using such possessive adjectives like her and she) without the chance that they might not have encountered her (as she holds her own ending, ENDING 2 - DROWNED). But this can be resolved by playing the game (and all it's endings) a second time, which isn't bad as the story isn't anything bland or flavorless of content.

Review for Taco Bell
10 Nov 2016
With a bland beginning, SmallBean's "Taco Bell" proves more of an amateur attempt to something bigger, with a short story line and no real plot. You are given an array of options (whether you turn left, right, up, down, lest you actually know where you are in terms to the building) while busily making your way to an obscure register (or, at least that's what I got as there is no real intention to begin with) that serves you a joke before ending. I would expect something better (as SmallBean seems to have made this as a test, with poor grammar and an even poorer story) in the future, and maybe a bit more understandable as to not confuse the audience with meaningless directions which do not enhance the game.