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Reviews by Jordan1

Review for Casino
11 Jan 2004
Few problems.

1)It doesn't work. The library isn't included!

2)Uhhh.... it doesn't work.

Okay, so there's only one problem, but that just about does it.

Review for Silent Rage (Demo)
11 Jan 2004
It looks awesome and loks like the best game on the archive, but there's one problem. There's one room and the help text. That's all I can get to.

Review for The Devil's Bargain
11 Jan 2004
Great game, but the introduction gets very old very fast, and I found a glitch. If I walk into the amphitheatre, it lets me in fine with the two people and the hairgel, but I can't get out because when I type "out", it just says out on the screen and doesn't move me, so I'm stuck.

Review for Life
08 Jan 2004
it would be nice if you could tell me what you think could be improved!

You're kidding, right? I agree with davidw. You should be able to tell what's wrong. But anyway, here's what I think:

1)It should be longer.
2)You should ONLY be able to start car from IN the car.
3)There should be more to do.
4)It should be longer. Oh wait, I said that. That's my biggest problem with it: length. Way too short.

Review for Breaker
07 Jan 2004
Cool. I want to know how you made the objects move, though. I would like to be able to do that, too. Was it a timer or something, maybe? After the timer went up it moved? Great game.