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Review for Some Kind of Party
12 Sep 2017
That piece of shit Brian manipulated me into having sex with him and eventually I have to say yes to him no matter how many times I tell him no. A women reserves her right to say no to sex and if a man keeps asking despite the women saying no multiple times it makes him look like a creepy piece of shit. What the fuck was wrong with him so he just took me that party to have sex with me,I don't owe him my body and I hate that men think that just because they take you out that you are suddenly supposed to please them. I'll have sex when I'm good and ready on my terms not Brian's terms. He has right to push such a request on me and him pinning me against the wall was just the breaking point for me. I'm sorry but please rewrite Brian's character so that he acts like a normal person and not a creepy piece of shit who thinks he is entitled to sex.