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Reviews by diago666

06 Mar 2004
I think this is a very good game, good structure, but i must say you have tried too hard and it is easy to get lost :P
but anyway, this is brill, nice one
i cant wait for your next game!!

29 Dec 2003
This game is brillllllliant
though i got stuck at the pepsi thing
please make part 2

Review for Uncle's Mansion
29 Dec 2003
sorry, that really wasnt very good at all
no description
overload of items
no plot
good effort though
and awful spelling what the hell are starirs?
anyway nice try

Review for Dark Realm
29 Dec 2003
i got stuck really really early on in the game
i couldnt understand much of it
but quite a lot of thoughts been put into it
good, but not fool-proof

29 Dec 2003
its good
vveeerrrryyyy long

i gotta hand it to you, its a great game!