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Reviews by Matt6

01 Mar 2012
A really really broken game I am sad to say. It's a neat idea but there are just too many technical errors to make it very fun. If you work on fixing all your glitches and bugs, this has potential to be a great game :D So just get them fixed and stuff and I'll look forward to another game.


11 Jul 2011
The game was pretty simple but enjoyable. The only real problem I faced was the inability to use the knife on the zombie.

Review for Hospital Visit
16 Jun 2011
The game works well. I did not encounter any bugs while playing this game. However the game is slightly too easy to short and easy to beat. I could only find two endings to this game and they were pretty similar. The atmosphere is very dark and enjoyable I enjoyed going into other patients rooms just to see what they'd say. But besides that their wasn't much to do in the game. I give this game a 4 out of 5. It's short but sweet and is entertaining.