It's not really a sequel, but it has the same sort of feel as the first ADF game. You play an investigator of the supernatural. You have heard rumours of a demonic presence in a haunted manor house. it is your job to investigate the area and, if possible, destroy the demon within.
Sir Loin is back, and this time he is hunting for one of the rarest creatures in history- The Holy Quail. Will he be able to uncover the mystery of the ghostly pirate, survive the killer Yeti and help a gnome in love find happiness?
This is the sequel to Shiversword: The Beginning. Shiversword is on the trail of the famous Magic Harp, after his friend and Mentor John Lemon died leaving him a map. However his journey leads him into the path of a superstitious treasure hunter, participating in the Eggs Factor and coming face to face with a religious cult.
This is a very quick game which involves one site (room). You have to escape the campsite.
You play a private detective investigating the disappearance of your friend. His last known location was a small run down motel in the middle of nowhere.
This is a short game based on the character Shiversword the Bard from Sir Loin 2. It is much the same format. You play Shiversword trying to fulfil his destiny to become a world famous bard.
This is the Sequel to Sir Loin and the Coming of Age. After just being made a Knight of the Brown Table, disaster struck. Queen Winalot has been kidnapped and it is up to you to find her and solve the mystery of the Phantom Dennis.
Loin, a small orphan boy living in the stable at Castle Cum-Ere-A-Lot, has dreams of becoming a Knight of the Brown Table. But first he has to prove himself... This game is my third attempt, I hope you enjoy it.
Annabel, a beautiful young girl, waits patiently on a tree stump in the middle of a Forest. She is waiting for her true love, Griswold. There is a rustle of leaves behind her. "Grissie, is that you?" she calls out tentatively. but no-one replies. Annabel gets up and investigates the trees. Suddenly a pair of huge arms appears from the trees and grab her. She cannot scream, she struggles but to no avail. And then she is gone! 'Where's Annabel?' is my second attempt at writing a game. It is a complete game and is designed to use click and drag options.
This is my first attempt at a game, so I apologise for any problems. The game is straight forward. You have to get out of the house.

Reviews by CJ592

Review for Wizard
10 Nov 2009
OH well. I will still rate this game. It has been fantastic! Great puzzles, some visual and all engaging. Spell casting is user friendly, but potion making can be tiresome.
This is definitely a 5 star game

Review for The Escape
08 Nov 2009
A good start for a first time. I can't work out what to do with the phone or the strange message.
Everytime i say Peeper it tells me there is no reply.
Plus of the idea is to escape, surely when i go to the street I have escaped.


Review for TARDIS Escape
21 Oct 2009
Being a Doctor Who fan I thought this was a fun little diversion. It is straightforward, brief and not very challenging. i would like to see a longer more complex version

Review for Shipwrecked
14 Oct 2009
I'm with alex here. this is a great game, but the villager is killing me. I ahve a funny feeling I should be dealing with him before worrying about the monkey nest and cannon and stuff. at the mometn I am just walking by him but I assume the timer continues everytime I walk past him.

And can I also ask... is the description on the three tiles supposed to say An internal error or has an internal error actually occurred? :)

I would give it six stars if possible- much better than my games :)

Review for hellfire
05 Jun 2008
I did it! That took a few goes! Phew!
On the whole I liked the layout of the game. I had to restart the game when I plugged in the TV into the socket and when I unplugged it the socket had gone.
There are lots of items which you get to use (some not so obvious- like the shaving FOAM). There are also some items that don't get used (I think)- like the Black key.

Review for Cun Sity
21 May 2008
I was going to give this a good rating, but it was the brevity that stopped me. For a first attempt this is quite good. I enjoyed listening to the TV. The first time I played it I lost, the second time I played I won. Only after reading the winning statement did I realise what I had done to lose the first time. Quite clever (but unredeemable).
If the author was to make a longer version with more locations and puzzles, then I will look forward to playing it

Review for The Mansion II
20 Aug 2006
I thoroughly enjoyed this game.. The use of the chemicals was an excellent idea. I did complete the game though without readin the secret paper or opening the safe in the office. Were these extra?
Well done 5/5