Reviews by CJ592

Review for Wizard
10 Nov 2009
OH well. I will still rate this game. It has been fantastic! Great puzzles, some visual and all engaging. Spell casting is user friendly, but potion making can be tiresome.
This is definitely a 5 star game

Review for The Escape
08 Nov 2009
A good start for a first time. I can't work out what to do with the phone or the strange message.
Everytime i say Peeper it tells me there is no reply.
Plus of the idea is to escape, surely when i go to the street I have escaped.


Review for TARDIS Escape
21 Oct 2009
Being a Doctor Who fan I thought this was a fun little diversion. It is straightforward, brief and not very challenging. i would like to see a longer more complex version

Review for Shipwrecked
14 Oct 2009
I'm with alex here. this is a great game, but the villager is killing me. I ahve a funny feeling I should be dealing with him before worrying about the monkey nest and cannon and stuff. at the mometn I am just walking by him but I assume the timer continues everytime I walk past him.

And can I also ask... is the description on the three tiles supposed to say An internal error or has an internal error actually occurred? :)

I would give it six stars if possible- much better than my games :)

Review for hellfire
05 Jun 2008
I did it! That took a few goes! Phew!
On the whole I liked the layout of the game. I had to restart the game when I plugged in the TV into the socket and when I unplugged it the socket had gone.
There are lots of items which you get to use (some not so obvious- like the shaving FOAM). There are also some items that don't get used (I think)- like the Black key.

Review for Cun Sity
21 May 2008
I was going to give this a good rating, but it was the brevity that stopped me. For a first attempt this is quite good. I enjoyed listening to the TV. The first time I played it I lost, the second time I played I won. Only after reading the winning statement did I realise what I had done to lose the first time. Quite clever (but unredeemable).
If the author was to make a longer version with more locations and puzzles, then I will look forward to playing it

Review for The Mansion II
20 Aug 2006
I thoroughly enjoyed this game.. The use of the chemicals was an excellent idea. I did complete the game though without readin the secret paper or opening the safe in the office. Were these extra?
Well done 5/5