Reviews by Thomas

04 Sep 2010
Ah yes - that towel did the trick, although I must admit I never got around to read that Hitchhiker's Guide. This last part was not very intuitive (I would have edited the use options in order to simply use the towel on the boat, and after that just head norteast instead of having to pick up the boat into the inventory), but that is a minor hassle, since the game is actually playable and completable. Also, I would have liked to have had a word or two with the main antagonist before I put him in the dirt. :) earlier comments remain. The long room descriptions, along with the well paced unfolding of the story, makes an IF game good in my book. You also managed to create a world that is believable large, something that is difficult to achieve with mere writing. Anyway, congratulations on making a good game! I hope to see more from Slackers Inc in the future.