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Reviews by Sir_Ethus

01 Jan 2019
A wonderful game that unlike most, simply gives you a role, allows you to make a character, and play with questionably effective and meaningful choices. I say questionably, in all honesty I'm impressed with the fact that choices lead to different paths as often as they do. The game feels quite a bit like role playing with friends, which means they knocked it out of the park!

Review for Path of Adventure
24 Dec 2018
I just started, and I'm already in love with it! This is the best game I've come across so far! This is the type of game, I've always wanted to play! It's narration is funny and entertaining, it is well designed and very well set up, with descriptions of items and such, making it easy to learn and check if you forgot something, I can't believe how well put together this is. I'm currently as far as the early tutorial, just having run from the blob, but I am already hyped for the rest of the game!