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PART TWO OF A THREE PART SERIES. PART ONE WAS "THE FOES." PART THREE IS GOING TO BE "PALACE OF SHADOW." - Last time, on "Mario is Missing 2," Mario was kidnapped! Luigi searched the planet in an exciting journey slash endeavor across the mushroom planet place of no real label slash title! He was unsuccessful. However, last we saw him, he was locked in the Glitz Pit, a fighting arena, alongside thousands of fighting fans. - This time, on "Mario is Missing 2," Luigi gets a lot closer to finding out whodunitz, and where he is now. But, he's gonna have to ...
NOTE: Don't get this confused with the actual METROID for the NES. This not a text adaption of it. The year is 23X0. The galaxy is at peace. You have been invited to a board meeting for some reason. No description was given, just "important board meeting." If you liked Mario Is Missing 2, then you'll enjoy this one. Maybe. It's the same creator, at least. But, yeah, this is the Lite version. Not a demo. I'm probably not even gonna make a part two. Just... Lite version. Oh, and there are TWO endings! One's obvious, the other's pretty hard to get. You have to open something, thoug...
A completely original game where you go through ONE NORMAL DAY as a Teacher. Not a promotion day, not the first day in the job, but a simple... normal... day. Nothing special. Only ONE day, as well. All the way from waking up... to going to sleep. Nothing but teaching, grading papers, and having some kids prank you by parking your car in the school lobby. Enjoy!
The Foes is part 1 of a 3-part series, set in the Mario universe. Mario has been kidnapped again, this time not by Bowser, and it's up to Luigi to find out who it is and save the world at the same time!
MSQ is a game where you play as Metal Sonic (it features the Sonic cast) as he, at first, tries to find all 7 Emeralds to restore his data banks. But, as you progress through the game, many zany characters will come in, making you do other stuff. There are quite a few secrets to find in the game, most are easy. There is also a second game mode, Multiplayer Mode, although it's easily beaten with only one person.

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