Reviews by SummerWolf

22 Jan 2015
Short, and i really liked plot, atmosphere.
Would give 5 rating if it was idea from your head, but it is good adaptation - 4.

Review for Shadow Realm
18 Jan 2015
I like, and i like that it was holding me interested almost all the way.
Will read update.

13 Jan 2015
Interesting escape from room game.
But man, how do you open safe with that green key ?

Review for The Pillow Story
12 Jan 2015
Ration of time spend and fun got is not bad.
Short and to the point.
Same as copyc, will wait for v2.0

Review for Big blue Bus
12 Jan 2015
Interesting short story, bit too short.
Not boring and that is good.


09 Jan 2015
Good start, the only question for me is why when you return from crash site where was pokey, he comes to house again.
But for start it is good written, interesting pilot plot.

09 Jan 2015
Simple test game.
Knocked out opponent 3 times till i got that game have ended and got no other routes.

Review for Your Morning
09 Jan 2015
Nice atmosphere, few endings, not boring.
Nice good ending with spongebob.

Review for The adventure
08 Jan 2015
I liked it short, interesting plot sidelines.
Some quest, fighting and romance.
Bit short but, will wait for next