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Review for Vespers
04 May 2017
My God, what an amazing game! Up there with the very best IF I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Set in a 15th Century Monastery at the time of the plague, it has a fantastic parses, and it is atmospheric, reasonably easy, and full of moral choices (even when you don't realize it), leading to three different endings, depending on your actions. Unexpected things happen in the end (I caught myself playing with my jaw touching the floor), definitely worth going through the game at least once. The story will get into your mind, and will set you thinking about life, death, morality and God. Reminded me of The Name of the Rose, outstanding in every respect!

09 Aug 2014
Excellent educational game about dolphin habbits!

Absolutely fantastic and engrossing story - a journey in time to 1962 Ole Miss and other locations of the past that were important milestones in civil rights. Great educational value and very nicely implemented with carefully edited text and great pictures. Thank you and keep it up!

Best regards from the University of Piraeus in Greece,
John A. Paravantis

Review for GameBook Guide
09 Aug 2014
Short but fun to go through.

Review for Academic Dishonesty
08 Aug 2014
Outstanding story about cheating, great plot and very well told! I especially appreciated it given my post at the University of Piraeus (Greece). I am encouraged about using Quest as an education tool with my students and look forward to playing more educational games here.