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A haunting, mesmerizing, beautifully-designed story that suffers slightly from the occasional poor grammar and frustrating puzzles (though this second issue is thankfully alleviated by conversations with a reproving bottle of poison!). I found some of the plot resolutions a bit murky as well: for example, was Rose simply a stereotypical insanely jealous girfriend and Andrew a sincere, sympathetic man who fell in love with a "sinner" (I hope not, because that would negate the entire character development for both individuals leading up to the game's uncertain climax)? Many people may have trouble, too, sympathizing with the story's ultimate protagonist (as revealed in the epilogue).

Despite these quibbles, the game held me fascinated from start to finish, and was by turns inspiring, disturbing, and heart-breaking. Prepare yourself for a tragic tale full of gray moral areas in which there is no true happy ever after, but please do play it. Congratulations on a definite achievement to be proud of, Mr. Wong.